Early exit from Cartagena testing

 Michael Møller Pedersen left Cartagena with faster laptimes and a broken bone.


Michael Møller Pedersen had a four day test on the schedule from 26th. to 29th. of january.

The first two days with the Aprilia from the 2014 season and with help from Almeria based mechanic, Carlos Bascuñana Ruiz, who was also Michael's mechanic in his debute year in CEV.

The last two days was planned to be run with Spanish Pastrana Racing with their bike from the 2014 season in CEV.

The first days was spend on getting  "back on track" and doing as many laps as possible.

At the third day the testing with Pastrana Racing started very good. In the first session, Michael matched the fastest times from his old bike, and already in the second session with only 14 laps in total, he beat his best laptime with 0.5 second!

Unfortunately the third session would end soon with an accident which left Michael with a fractured left arm. At first, the x-rays showed One fracture in the radius bone. When Michael arrived in Denmark, he went to the hospital in Holstebro to confirm the injuries. A CT scan showed Another fracture in the ulna bone, and a possible damage in one of the ligaments in the hand. 

Recovery time is expected to be 4-5 weeks.

Michael: "This was not what i had in mind when i went testing, but even though i only had a few laps with Pastrana Racing before the accident, i had a good impression with the bike in really short time. This is the more important in my book"

In this video you can watch the last lap on the second day onboard the Aprilia RSV4